1. When is LDRS 36?
    LDRS 36 will be April 6th – 9th 2017. The range will open at 9:00 and close at 6:00 each day. The range will close early on Sunday, any help packing up equipment will be greatly appreciated.
  2. How much are range fees? 
    Range Fees are $60 for the entire event. Reserved parking is available for an additional $25.  There is no charge for spectators to come and watch the event.
  3. How does the reserved parking work?
    Once you pay for the reserved parking you will be able to select your 12 x 30 spot in the parking area.  That spot is 12 x 30 and will be reserved and available for you no matter which day you arrive.  All other parking will be first come first serve, in the back.
  4. Tripoli Banquet:
    $40.00 —The banquet will be held Saturday April 8 from 7 – 11 pm at The Milestone located in Easton, MD.  Diner selection is an option of Beef or Chicken with all the fixings.  There will be a cash bar as well.
  5. What’s the waiver going to be?
    The FAA waiver for LDRS 36 will be 14,000’ feet Above Ground Level.  The waiver may be adjusted at any time during the event based on recovery trends so please be prepared to adjust your flights / recovery options accordingly.
  6. What’s the maximum impulse I can fly at LDRS36?
    Rockets with motors up to impulse class “O” will be able to fly from the away cell area. Rockets with complex motors totaling an “N” class impulse will be able to fly from the away cell area. The RSO will let other flyers know where they may launch motors of lower classes than those listed.
  7. What kinds of pads, rods and rails will be available at LDRS36?
    The A pad areas will have 1/8” and 3/16” rods. The B cell areas will have 1010 style rails and the C cell pads will have 1010 and 1515 rails. A few pads will have rods available but rail buttons are recommend.  The way cell area will have 3 hydraulic towers with 20’ of unistrut rail as well as 3 pads with 12’ – 1515 rails.
  8. Can I drive into the fields to recover my rocket?
    No driving in the fields is permitted. The landowner have been gracious enough to allow us to use their lands so please respect their wishes and only walk into the fields. Cash crops have been planted and are awaiting warmer temperature to emerge.
  9. What do I do if my rocket lands of the property?
    If your rocket drifts into the woods or off the property (shown here in yellow) please go to the RSO or registration area and speak with an MDRA BoD member for further instructions.
  10. Is Camping allowed at Higgs Farm?
    No camping is permitted at Higgs Farm.  For camping locations go here
  11. How about if I’m a vendor?
    Sorry, No camping is permitted at Higgs Farm
  12. I’ve got a really cool flight, who do I have to let know?
    If you are planning a large or complex project please visit the Big Projects page and submit the required information.
  13. Will there be hybrid equipment at LDRS 36?
    There will not be any hybrid equipment available at the field.
  14. Is there an “official” hotel for LDRS 36?
    The host hotel for LDRS36 will be the Holiday Inn Express in Easton, MD. Please visit the accommodations page for more information.
  15. Can a youth / youth groups attend LDRS36?
    Of course! Everyone is welcome to fly at TRA launches. Youth under the age of 18 fly free.  Any youth wanting to fly high power must be a TRA member and have passed the TMP test.  The TMP test will be available at the on-site.
  16. Do I have to register and pay flight fees as a spectator?
    NO.  The event is free for all spectators.  Come on out and enjoy the show.