Featured Flights

These are just some of the rockets you will see at LDRS36

dsc_0449Scott Boeckelmann’s Philadelphia Flyer

This is a 7.5in scratch built upscale HyperLOC. This rocket was built in 2012 as my Level 3 project. It will be launched using a CTI M1401 and should achieve an altitude of about 1 mile. It weights in at 60 lbs and stands 12ft.

16-lift-offDave Greger’s Thunder Struck

Thunderstruck is scratch built 6inch diameter fiberglass rocket weighing 57lbs loaded. A CTI M1790 Skidmark will lift it to 9,000 feet. A Missle works RRC3 and RC2+ with control deployment of the Skyangle chutes.

2012-07-11_17-53-41_990David Chance’s Black 5

Black 5 is a scratch built rocket of “various” materials 11.5 inch in diameter standing 14 feet tall. An ARTS electronics package will deploy the 20 foot chute after the N2000 and 4xK700 lift it to 5500 feet.

standing-darkstar-jumboRick Comshaw’s Jumbo Darkstar

Jumbo Darkstar is a Wildman kit made from filament wound fiberglass. it is 8 inch in diameter and stands 12 feet 6inchs. Hopefully flying to 14,000 feet on an O5600 EX Sparky motor.  A MARSA systems will record flight data while a Stratologger, Raven and a with a WRC+ will control deployment of recovery.

Fred Wallace’s 10″ V-2

This Polecat classic V-2 is constructed of fiber-glassed paper tubes and plywood fins.  She’ll be flying on a M2200 EX fast burn motor to about 4500′.  Two Stage recovery controlled with a Black-Sky Piro-Release mechanism.

Dave Alewine’s 5/8 Scale Patriot

<= Dave’s scratch built Patriot will be flying on a central Aerotech M1850W followed up with 4-CTI J360 airstarts.  Electronics include a Stratologger & Strato-CF and 2xPerfectflite minitimer4s. He’s expecting a 4,500′ flight.


Dave Alewine’s 1/2 Scale Iris

This scratch 1/2 scale Iris weighs in at 53 # and will be flying on an Aerotech M-1315 to about 6,500′.  Recovery by Strattologger backed up with a Missile Works WRC2.

Our Children’s Future Project

Our Children’s Future is a 17′ tall, 9″ diameter 100 pound rocket scratch built by the OCF team.  She’ll be flying on an EX N2961 to an expected altitude of about 8,500′.  Missile Works altimeters will deploy the SkyAngle Cert 3 XXL chute.  I also hear rumors that Kate may be taking a ride with OCF.

Wild Minion

Spicer’s bringing his Wild Minion to LDRS to fly on an Aerotech M1297W load.  This henchman stands 109″ tall and weighs in at 35pounds.  Recover by Strattologger and Strattologger Cf and SkyAngle chutes.  Should his underling decide to flee from his 8,000′ apogee, tracking will be accomplished with a BRB900 GPS.

Blfd04’s Really Big Bertha

This scratch built 5.5″ diameter, 10′ tall Big Beartha will be taking to the sky on an AMW M1850 Green Gorilla.  At an apogee of about 7,000′ the on board Missile Works RRC2 & Perfect Flight MAWD will control deployment of the drogue and main chutes.

adobos’s Cadenza

Flying on an Aerotech M1297W, this scratch built 7.5″ diameter rocket will be lofted to about 5,000′.  Dual deploy will be used with mains coming out at 900′.

Jsquires’s Black Beauty

This custom Wildman kit will be taking to the skies on an Aerotech M1850W motor.  The assent to 12,000′ will be captured with a Mobius HD camera while Missile Works altimeters (RRC3 & RRC2+) bring it back safely to the field.

Dan Michael’s Amy Baby Doll

Dan’s Baby Doll will be flying to 6,000′ on an Aerotech M1850W.  The flight will be record with 2 Booster Vision cameras and dual Perfectflite altimeters will control recovery.

Dave Rose’s One-Eyed King

Dave’s all fiberglass, 5″ diameter 11.5′ tall rocket will be launched on a m2550 research motor.  This wild card hopes to reach 12,000′ while Kate calls out the play by play.  Redundant Stratologgers will be used to deploy the drogue at apogee and the SkyAngle Cert 3 XL main.

Bob Schoner’s Upscale Goblin

This 9′ tall, 11″ wide Goblin will be flying on an M impulse motor plus 4 – 38mm outboard motors.  Final configuration will be determined once the build is completed.

Eric’s Der Red Max

This Smokin Rockets Der Red Max is constructed from cardboard and plywood and weighs in at 55#.  He’ll be flying her on a research M2300 blue load with an expected apogee of 6,000′.  Recover via an ARTS2 backed up with an RRC2.  The booster will recover on a 15′ chute will the nosecone comes down wit hit’s own 5′ chute.

Scott’s Full Scale Black Brant VI

Scott’s 5″ Black Brant will be taking to the skies on a Loki M1200 Spitfire to an altitude of about 8,000′  A Marsa54 backed up by an adept22 will control deployment.  If weather permits, I’ll be flying a Loki M1882 to about 11,000′.

The Multitronix TelemetryPro Tracking system, aka Kate, will be tagging along for a ride.  Look and/or listen for this flight on Thursday or Friday.

rw2660 – Bullistic

<= Bullistic is a 6″ diameter, 13′ tall, 45 pound rocket which will be flying on a Cessaroni M1400 to 7,000′.  On board electronics include  2 Missile Works RRC3 altimeters, a Mobius camera and the Missile Works Rtx GPS.  The main chute is a SkyAngle Cert 3 XL.


Aspiration is a 50 pound, 6 inch rocket flying on a M1610 Skidmark.  Expected apogee is 6,000′.  Missile works altimeters and a mobius camera will be long for the ride.    =>

Team DeWalt

Geoff & Team DeWalt are bringing their 15′ tall, 15″ diameter, 130 pound scratch built black and yellow rocket out to fly on a 6″ – 40% O-impulse research motor.  Expected apogee is 6,000′ where the Raven 2 and Adept22 will control recovery.  Flight is planned for Friday.


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